Momentum Events & Advertising provides all solutions for branding and advertising requirement of the clients. We have a well experienced team in all fields to cater all your needs in positioning your brand among the various business groups .Known for our creativity and concepts, companies are approaching us for conceptual advertisements and branding exercises. All that we offer to our distinguished clients are: Service, Creativity and Innovative concepts.

The event management services we provide encompasses every nuance of producing memorable events in a personal and professional setting. While we have a full fledged team to carry out functions in all size and genre, we team up with various technical and creative firms to host remarkable events for you. They are diverse and bear different personalities. So, a one-size-fits-all approach is wholly ineffective in this scene, which has proven to be the main reason for the failure of many otherwise well organized programs.

We approach every event with a fresh mindset and an ideal strategy to create a unique, warm and memorable experience for both the host and guest. Approval for all types of events, Business meetings, Grand opening ceremony, Product launching, Cultural events, Traditional events, Press conferences, Exhibitions & seminars, Wedding parties, Birthday parties, photoshoot and videoshoot.

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Edu Drive


Organized by Momentum Media Doha, Qatar ‘Voyage, A journey through the salty veins of Arabia’ was an astonishing event that a group of li- ke-minded persons joined as a team to explore va- rious parts of Arabia including Egypt, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia. It was conducted on 25.02.’23 with a mission to know the world better and seek future opportunities.

One of the most impressive aspects of the “Voyage: A Journey Through the Salty Veins of Arabia” was the exceptional coordination and organization by Momentum Media Qatar. The event was a testament to their ability to plan and execute a complex and multifaceted expedition, involving numerous logistical challenges.
Momentum Media Qatar demonstrated their expertise in bringing together a diverse group of individuals, coordinating transportation, accommodations, and meals, and managing the safety and security of all participants throughout the journey. They also ensured that the itinerary was well-balanced and provided a range of experiences that catered to the interests of all participants.

In addition to the logistical challenges, the event also required extensive collaboration and coordination with Media One TV and FM 98.6. Momentum Media Qatar successfully managed this partnership, ensuring that the event was well-promoted, and that the media coverage was of the highest quality.

Overall, the successful execution of the “Voyage” was a clear demonstration of Momentum Media Qatar’s ability to organize and manage complex events. Their attention to detail, strategic planning, and ability to coordinate multiple stakeholders make them a highly sought-after partner for organizing similar events in the future.

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